Reference Materials

These resources serve primarily library staff but a few can be given to the public. They provide a variety of resources to help librarians provide information and recommend materials on crisis issues.


Brochures to hand out to the public or provide via the library web site can be an easy way for people to get help without the pressure or awkwardness of a direct contact.

  • National hotlines (doc/pdf): National hotlines can offer round-the-clock expert assistance
  • Watch and learn (doc/pdf): List of YouTube videos and other video resources
  • Useful agencies (doc/pdf): Use this worksheet to keep track of contact information, deadlines, and other information about social service agencies you're in contact with
  • Doing the best for your child (doc/pdf): Directs parents particularly those who may be going through a stressful period in their own lives toward informational resources
  • Career planning (doc/pdf)
  • Sample local referral guide (doc/pdf): A template for referring patrons to relevant local government or social organizations. This can be kept at the reference desk as a "cheat sheet" of commonly needed referral information.
  • Sample library help brochure (doc/pdf): A template for letting patrons know what services the library offers to help them.

A domestic violence action event
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Web Lists

These are the most essential sites with information and/or gateways to major resources. These lists can be incorporated into classes, handouts, and presentations. Also provided is a list of some existing library resource pages (doc /pdf) for those in crisis that may act as a model for other libraries.

Reference Training

Self-Guided Works

Simple items designed to help develop a deeper understanding of reference essentials regarding the target issues. Staff/volunteers can use these privately; they can be used to launch a staff meeting or training discussion.

  • FAQs on reference essentials (ppt)
  • FAQs on providing reference service in sensitive situations (doc/pdf)
  • Reference interview scenarios (doc/pdf)

Group Works

Powerpoints to launch discussions

  • Cybersafety and Teens (ppt): Useful for staff who want to review this material. May also be of some value for public classes on the issue.

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