These materials pertain to administrative responsibilities within the library including training for staff/volunteers, policies, and book selection. These materials also pertain to administrative responsibilities within the wider community such as making connections with civic organizations.

Internal Activities

Staff Training

These materials are intended for general internal library training -- to familiarize library staff with the nature of personal crisis situations. For training specifically geared toward providing reference services, see the materials on our reference page.

Fact Sheets

Other Resources

  • Privacy support checklist and self-evaluation (doc/pdf) Several ways to enhance user privacy in a public library
  • A librarian is not a social worker (doc/pdf) Scenarios that may rise depicting how to be a good librarian without being a social worker
  • Social needs and the library (ppt) The library's role in dealing with personal crisis situations
  • Cyber-safety quiz (doc/pdf) Help patrons gauge the level of their understanding of information security concerns, as well as confront some popular misconceptions about cyber-security.
  • How we can help (doc/pdf) Overview of how the library can help those in crisis


These sample materials will require careful and thorough approval at the highest level. The internet related policies in particular can have legal consequnces. These sample policies are provided as a starting point -- they are not meant to be used without complete administrative approval.

  • Staff safety policy ideas (doc/pdf) A few ideas for crafting your staff safety policy
  • Net use policy exceptions (doc/pdf) A few exceptions that may apply to the library's internet policy
  • Flexible borrowing options (doc/pdf) Sample policy for patrons who have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from being able to get a standard library card
  • Sample collections development policy (doc/pdf) Notes on personal crisis collection guidelines
  • Sample library Internet use policy (doc/pdf)
  • Sample staff social media use policy (doc/pdf)

Book Selections

These books have been suggested for collections based on the recommendations of national support agencies and/or reviews. A set of bookmarks on a variety of needs and a set of book lists can be customized to include your library's contact information or call numbers for books found in your library.

Books and bookmarks on crisis topics
Topic Bibliography Bookmarks
career planning   doc/pdf
domestic violence doc/pdf doc/pdf
education doc/pdf ppt
employment doc/pdf doc/pdf
GED class   doc/pdf
health doc/pdf ppt
homelessness doc/pdf ppt
life skills doc/pdf ppt

External Activities

These resources are intended to engage community leaders in the library's work.

  • Library marketing strategies (doc/pdf) Resources related to library marketing strategies
  • Success stories (pptx) A tool to let interested people know how what your library does for the community and brag about successful programs
  • Building connections to local services (doc/pdf) Some ways to help social service agencies understand what the library has to offer
  • Personal crisis needs and the library (ppt) helps community members understand the library's role in meeting personal crisis needs.

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